Service Changes From 15th November 2021

1 year ago Sat 13th Nov 2021

7 Red Rose Travel Aylesbury to Bedgrove: Increased timetable on Mondays to Saturdays with buses running up to every 30 minutes.

17 Red Rose Travel Aylesbury to Bicester: Minor timetable change due to ongoing roadworks. 1455 Monday to Friday journey from Aylesbury to Bicester will run 10 minutes earlier than shown between Aylesbury and Waddesdon School.

55 Red Rose Travel Aylesbury to Chesham: Due to a shortage of drivers the 0840 journey from Amersham to Aylesbury and the 1350 journey from Aylesbury to Amersham will not operate. 

60 Red Rose Travel Aylesbury to Buckingham: Due to a shortage of drivers the service will be altered to operate every two hours and the following journeys shown on the timetable will not operate:

Mondays to Fridays

  • 0940, 1140 and 1340 Buckingham to Aylesbury (These Journeys will not operate)
  • 1045, 1245 and 1445 Aylesbury to Buckingham (These Journeys will not operate)


  • 1050, 1250 and 1450 Buckingham to Aylesbury (These Journeys will not operate)
  • 0945, 1145 and 1345 Aylesbury to Buckingham (These Journeys will not operate)

These changes have been made at short notice and the Red Rose Travel website will be updated as soon as possible.