From Monday 27/04/2020 Update(Reduce Services)

Due to the Corona Virus Outbreak we have had to make changes to the services we provide. Our temporary timetables are linked below . We invite our customers to feedback on these adjustments. We cannot make any guarantees but we will consider changes if necessary to best suit the needs of our passengers. If you have any queries regarding these changes or feedback you would like to give, please email us on 

Service Silver Rider 1 (Monday to Saturday) From 27/04/2020

Service 10 (Monday to Saturday) From 27/04/2020

Service 7 (New Timetable) Valid From 06/04/2020 (Monday to Saturday)

Service 16 (Monday to Saturday)

Service 387/389/397

W19 (Monday to Saturday)

W18 (Monday To Saturday)

W30 (Monday To Friday)

H10 (Monday To Saturday)

Service 50 (Monday To Saturday)

Service 55 (Monday To Friday)

Service 71/73

Service 78

Service 100 (Monday To Saturday)

W1 (Sunday/Bank Holiday)

Service 501 (Sunday/Bank Holiday)

These timetables will be in effect until further notice. Any further updates will be shared on our Website and Twitter Page  

Many thanks for your understanding.

Thank you for using Red Rose Travel