Why the introduction of Mobile Ticketing?

  • More convenient way to purchase tickets 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Never loose your ticket every again
  • No need for cash when you have full access on purchasing tickets from your phone
  • Notification reminder of the expiry date as well as a live countdown
  • Full control on when to activate your ticket

Will paper tickets still be available?

Yes, the current method of purchasing your daily,weekly and 4 weekly ticket will still remain. 

When we go live?

We will be ready of Mid February where all our route tickets will be available to purchase via the mobile app. Currently only our Hertfordshire routes tickets are available for purchasing

Current Live tickets

We will be in the process of updating the fares for the current available tickets on the mobile app since they have not been revised since 2014


                      Apple Devices                                                                                                  Android Devices