Update New School Services September 2021

1 month ago Wed 9th Jun 2021

From September 2021 Red Rose Travel are proud to announce we will be taking over School Services Route DCH1 (Renumbered as 180)  & DCH2 (Renumbered as 181)  to Dr Challoner's Grammar School In Little Chalfont & Route B1 (Renumber as 60) to Royal Latin School In Buckingham   

Please Note: The Service Number will change, More updates will be available soon 

DCH1 (Renumbered as 180) - Great Missenden Nags Head Bridge to Dr Challoner's High School (Little Chalfont)

DCH2 (Renumbered as 181)- Chesham Chartridge Lane/ The Warren To Dr Challoner's High School (Little Chalfont)

B1- (Renumbered as 60) Oving Marston Hill to Buckingham and Royal Latin School

To Register your Interest/Enquiry Please Email: Office@redrosetravel.com

Timetables for Services

Service DCH1 (Renumbered as 180)

Service DCH2 (Renumbered as 181)

Service B1 Renumbered As Service 60