School Service Update 2020 2021

2 years ago Tue 27th Apr 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

We will only be selling term tickets to the seating capacity of the bus, once this limit has been reached term tickets for that route will not be available to purchase.

If a school service / closed door operation has available seating in January 2021 then these seats will be open to those who have purchased weekly’s/monthly on a first come first serve basis. Priority seating will only be given to those who have purchased term passes for which they will be guaranteed a seat in January 2021.


Bus limits

Closed-door / School Service – Till bus seating capacity is 100% full

Public buses – 50% of the bus capacity as per guidelines from the local authority


Service 613 - This service now starts at Bugle Horn pub in Stone and runs via Stone, Dinton, Haddenham, Cuddington, Chearsley, and Upper Winchendon to Waddesdon School. The timetable can be found here 

Service 108 - Operates via Oakley, Long Crendon village, Chearsley, Cuddington, Dinton, and Stone. The timetable can be found here

Service 109 - Operates via  Ludgershall, Brill, Chilton, Long Crendon then direct to Aylesbury. The timetable can be found here Customers boarding from Haddenham to Aylesbury will need to catch the service 120 operated by Red Line Buses Please contact them for more information Email: or Phone 01296 426786 

Service 616 - Operates via Exchange Street, High Street, New Street, Oxford Road, Fairford Leys, Bicester Road and all stops to Waddesdon School. The timetable can be found here

Service 16 - School journey to/from will operate from Wendover Way, Tring Road, Exchange Street not calling at Bus station and the same in reverse (these journeys are specifically for pupils traveling from the areas mentioned, all others should travel on 616) Timetable can be found here

Service 16 will not serve stops on High street, New Street, and the top Bicester road opposite the Royal Bucks Hospital. These stops will be served by Service 616 

Service 650 - This service will start at Exchange Street and follow the existing route and finishes in Great Western Street The timetable can be found *here

Service 651 - This service will start and finish at Weavers public house. The timetable can be found *here


All travel passes when issued will clearly show the service that the student needs to travel on. Due to the situation with COVID19 and ongoing concerns, all students will have to travel ONLY on the service their pass has been issued for. 

Customers will only be able to purchase a Season ticket that covers the whole term, No annual tickets will be available until further notice

***Customers who would like to purchase Weekly/Monthly tickets will be able to purchase directly with the driver***

***PLEASE NOTE LIMITED SEATS ARE AVAILABLE you may be refused by the driver if the Seating Capacity limit has been reached***