Service Changes (April / May 2023 / June 2023)

4 months ago Wed 26th Apr 2023

Service 17 (Aylesbury - Waddesdon - Launton - Bicester)

Minor timeytable changes some journeys that previously ran as Service 16. Introduction of Service 617 which replaces the schoolday service between Aylesbury and Waddesdon School (Which Previously ran as route 16) Revised Timetable can be found Here (Starting - Tuesday 11th April 2023)

Service 100 (Aylesbury - Wing - Milton Keynes)

Minor timetable changes throughout the day. School day journeys will no longer service Aylesbury Tring Road, Tesco. (Starting - 02nd May 2023) Timetable can be found here 

Service 21 (Olney - Central Milton Keynes + Railway Station)

From 02nd May 2023 Service 21 will be serving the Railway Station every 1hr timetable will available here shortly

Service 16 (Marsh Gibbon/Steeple Claydon - Waddesdon - Quainton - Aylesbury)

Minor timetable changes with peak time Journeys additionally Aylesbury Vale Parkway. Some Journeys will as Service 17/614 from 11th April 2023

Revised Timetable can be found Here (Starting - Monday 5th June 2023)