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Latest News:

We are proud to announce that we will be operating the Service SR1 which runs from Fairford Leys to Aylesbury Bus station 7 days a week. The new timetable has been uploaded. The 1st day of service will be on Sunday 30th September.

To help keep your bus on time, we ask passengers buying tickets on board to have the correct change whenever possible. We can’t give change for large notes and don’t accept tickets from other operators.

Please provide a stamped address envelope if you would like your bus pass delivered, once you have completed the purchase and the bus pass application form.

 Weekly and four weekly passes will be available to purchase from the driver. Due to the high demand of the weekly tickets we have reduced the price to £19 to provide a better value for money service.

650 Child weekly:                £19       613 child weekly:        £19        SR1 child weekly:       £7.80

 650 Student weekly:         £24       613 Student weekly:    £22      SR1 Adult weekly:      £12

650 Child four weekly:      £70      613 Child 4-weekly:     £70      SR1 Child 4-weekly:   £23.40

650 Student four weekly: £80    613 student 4-weekly: £80         SR1 Adult 4-weekly:   £36

We will be also introducing a multi-operator ticket called the  Aylesbury All zone ticket which will allow passengers to use numerous services around aylesbury operated by Red Rose Travel. Redline buses and Red Eagle Buses.

Aylesbury Zone Ticket
Family 2ADults+2 Children
Adults Child 1ADult+3 children
Daily £4 Daily £2.60 Daily £7
Weekly £15 Weekly £7.80
4-weekly £40 4-weekly £23.40


Red Rose Travel are proud to present 3 brand new buses on the W30 route from Watford Junction to the Croxley Park. The buses have been painted green and have had the Croxley park (formerly the Croxley Green Business park) livery on it. This was a joint move between Red Rose Travel and the Croxley Park to invest £400,000 to revamp the service. Passengers will enjoy a luxury spec vehicle with leather seats and Wifi.


Customer Information:

Aylesbury to Watford (Mon – Sun) : 501

The following tickets are NOT ACCEPTED on this service: ARRIVA (DAY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY)

The following tickets are ACCEPTED within valid parts of this service: INTERLINK (DAY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY), BUSNET (DAY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY)


PlusBus Tickets are no longer accepted on our Buckinghamshire services, we will continue to accept it on our Milton Keynes services.

Aylesbury Bus Station: 16

We have been advised that the real time stops in the bus station are incorrectly displaying departure times for the 16 service and continue to display services which are no longer operating. We have informed the local council and bus station staff and hope that the information displayed will be updated soon to show the correct departure times. For the latest timetable for the 16 service, please download them from our website.

Waddesdon & Aylesbury School Passes – 2017/2018

We are pleased to announce that until Monday 31st July 2017, our 2017/2018 School Pass prices are being held at this years prices! This means you can order the new school years passes at a discounted rate before they increase in August and not only save, but also have one less worry in September. In addition to those who buy 16 & 613 all year passes, we are currently negotiating the inclusion of services 2, 4 & 6 operated by Red Line so you can use those services also at any time. As before, we are asking parents/students to make a payment through our website (links to the left), download and complete the following form here: New Bus Pass Application & send the completed form with the payment reference number and a scanned photo of the person travelling to : sales @ redrosetravel.com Please note that we are unable to use any previous information you may of sent to us before.

Latest Vacancies

We currently have vacancies for PSV Drivers for our expanding network of bus services across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire & Milton Keynes. We are also looking for Qualified Mechanics to work in our brand new, purpose built state of the art workshops to support and maintain our growing fleet of modern vehicles. Please visit our Vacancies page at the top or click here.

MK Moove Transport for Bucks

650 Cottesloe School – Leighton Buzzard

Child Student Adult
Term £186.00 £210.00
Annual £510.00 £582.00

Service 16 (Schooldays Only)

Child Student Adult
Term £176.00 £200.00
Annual £472.50 £542.00

Service 16 (All Times)

Child Student Adult
Term £196.00 £220.00
Annual £492.50 £562.00 £770.00

Service 613 (Schooldays Only)

Child Student Adult
Term £176.00 £200.00
Annual £472.50 £542.00

Service 16+613 (All Times)

Child Student Adult
Term £196.00 £220.00
Annual £492.50 £562.00