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  • Route 10 Serving Aylesbury To Hawkslade will start on 19th August 2019 Timetable are on the link down below https://t.co/BCNlIvxZ44
  • Route 7 Serving Welbeck Avenue, Narbeth Drive, Malvern Road and Cam Mead linking to Bedgrove and Stoke Mandeville H… https://t.co/d3CZAswE9w
  • Route 60 Serving Buckingham, Winslow, North Marston, Aylesbury will be starting on 29th July 2019 timetable link be… https://t.co/DrCPs1jSAE
  • We will not be accepting telephone orders or Cash/Cheque/Emails orders anymore

Customer Notice

Telephone lines

Time: 00:00 Date: 15/08/2019

Our Telephone Service lines are back up and running

Lines were affected by BT Openreach  

Sorry for the inconvenience 

if you have any Enquires you may contact us 01296 747926 or alternatively email on Office@redrosetravel.com

Thank you

Red Rose Management 

Bus Fare Rates 

Time: 00:00 Date: 15/08/2019

As of Monday 2ndof September 2019 there will be a slight increase in our fares on some routes in Buckinghamshire.

We will publish the increase rate very soon

This will apply to Route SR1/Route 16/Route 613/Route 60/Route 650 Daily-Weekly-Monthly and Annually Tickets

Thank you 

(New Services In Aylesbury)

Time: 00:00 Date: 26/07/2019

We are proud to announce that as a local Group of Companies, we will have new services introduced  on Monday 29thJuly 2019


Aylesbury will see significant improvements to its local bus service network in the coming months. 

Red Rose Travel and Red line Buses are locally owned and run bus companies that have been serving the communities in & around Aylesbury for over thirty years. From July new look routes will be provided in Bedgrove , South Court & Walton Court also Haydon Hill  & Quarrendon representing a significant investment by the group.


Bedgrove & Broughton areas will have a new regular dedicated local route providing links to Aylesbury town centre and also restore the direct service to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. In August South Court, Walton Court & Hawkslade will also benefit from frequent new service to Aylesbury town centre running up to every fifteen minutes. At this time current routes 11/11A will be changed to offer a and simpler & more effective route which will also give more direct buses to the town centre.


 Another new route will see direct buses returning between Haydon Hill , Quarrendon & Stoke Mandeville Hospital once again reinstating direct routes to this important destination in the town. Customers on all routes will benefit from attractive, value for money fares for day weekly & longer periods. Detailed timetables are available on our website and also on Bucks County Council website. 


Further route improvements are planned for later in the year which will continue this investment in Aylesbury's local transport provision by the Red Group. 

New Service 60 (Valid From 29th July 2019)                                                                                                              https://www.redrosetravel.com/index.php?route=tool/upload/download&pdf=b1b50edcc282a5eff662751d282d3c18dd4c58ad

New Service 7 (Valid From 29th July 2019)                                                              https://www.redrosetravel.com/index.php?route=tool/upload/download&pdf=a162a53c356ff7ebd37c0adf7d2fcb002f19060f

New Service 10 (Valid From 19th August 2019)                                                        https://www.redrosetravel.com/index.php?route=tool/upload/download&pdf=dc2794b74b43e0262bc5903c64f8aa1fae777e29 

Service Updates

Road Closure in Tring Town Centre

Time: 00:00 Date: 15/07/2019

With the upcoming road closure in Tring Town Centre fast approaching we have worked together with Hertfordshire Council to ensure that the best service possible is delivered to you, to do this we have had to completely re-route our 387/389 services in and around Tring.

Below you will find a copy of the route to be followed along with the temporary timetable that we will be operating.

Please accept our apologies for any delays incurred during the time of the diversion.

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