1 - In order to start making purchases for season tickets you must first register an account with us click here to do so if you haven't already.

2 - Next select the season ticket you would like to purchase. All season tickets can be found here

3 - When you are ready to checkout click on the shopping cart button. You will then have your shopping cart summarised with the full breakdown if purchasing more than 1 ticket. Once you are ready to make payment click on checkout.

4 - You will then be asked to enter your billing details along with the pass holders details. (Please note that 1 photo is required for the child's/students photo card image & the other is some form of ID of the child/student). If you are applying for more than 1 pass for a different child/student then click "Add another".

5 - Final step is to make payment, which then you will receive confirmation once the order has been processed.